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Ocean Rodeo Bliss Pads/Straps

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Highly adjustable, the Bliss Air pads & straps are designed to work with all Ocean Rodeo and most other brand’s twin tip kiteboards.

Featuring ultra durable and comfortable dual density EVA foam pads and near infinite strap configuration options the Bliss Air pad & strap system present your feet with the perfect balance of comfort and control when riding.

Dampening Air System - The durable and sophisticated AIR pillow is located in the heel area of the footpad brings unmatched comfort, superior riding performance and increase in safety!
Advantages: • Unmatchable comfort • Immediately creates ideal heel bed • Heel bed changes and support your foot with every move • Increased protection of your ankles, knees and joints
Toe Ridge System - Perfectly placed special foam ridge ensures your foot is always aligned and helps ‘monkey grip’ the board during jumps and transitions.
Advantages: • Perfect alignment of your foot and binding • Increased grip and control
Quick Strap Ratchet - The sophisticated ratchet and durable plastic strap delivers a snug and comfortable fit for every session. Built with marine tested materials to ensure perfect functionality in all conditions.
Advantages: • Strap size can be easily adjusted while riding • Precise size adjustment • Easy and fast size adjustment with just one finger • Durable, stainless steel construction
Memory Foam System - Unique memory foam system ensures the foot strap is a secure, comfortable fit without any pinching or pressure points. Resulting in exceptional comfort, control, performance and increased rider safety.
Advantages: • Snug yet comfortable fit • No pressure points or pinching • Power delivery transferred directly to the board • Rider safety and control
Grab Handle
Advantages: • Exceptional weight of only 50g • Insert distance 190 mm • Ergonomic shape • Comfortable handling • Stable on board • Premium leather on the top with embossed design • Stainless steel screws

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