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Wind Wing Lesson

Price: $240pp
Length: 2.0 Hours

The latest craze in the windsport world is Wing Foiling.  The best way to get you started is to get some expert tips and tuition.  All of the gear is provided for these lessons including a SUP foilboard and we have a range of the wind wings including Duotone, Ozone, Armstrong, Konrad, Reedin and PPC. Depending on previous experience will determine how the course is structured. Students with no previous experience will start with basic wind wing handling on land before hitting the water with the SUP (SUP boards with foam decks are used with directional fins initially. Foil is only added in line with progression or students with previous foiling experience).

Pre-Lesson Requirements
All wing students must be competent in the water, able to swim a minimum of 200m and tread water for minimum of 5 mins. 

Terms & Conditions

DEPOSIT / CANCELLATION POLICY - 20% deposit is required upon booking a time (or you can pay the full amount upfront). Refunds are not permitted however postponement is OK provided at least 48 hours notice.


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