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2018 Liquid Force Lunar Lander

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2018 Liquid Force Lunar Lander

Driving off on the amazing sensations created on the water from the other boards in the Liquid Force Hippy Stick line up (the Moon Parol and the Space Craft) we are proud to present you the all n ew Lunar Lander for 2018.

The Lunar Lander is the brainchild of long time team rider Jason Slezak and LF's engineering wizard Peter Mehrhof. Longing for the same plush ride, edge control, and displacement of water on landings from the double concave of the Legacy, Jason and Peter drew inspiration from progressive powder slashing ans slope carving snowboards and transferred the most desired components from the frozen water realm of the mountains to the liquid realm of the oceans, lakes and rivers for your creative  kiteboarding enjoyment.

The Lunar Lander carries with it all of the great performance benefits of its parent board (the Legacy). The double concave to progressive rail concave bottom shape, centre line tapered carbon reinforcement and full bottom sheet vector net carbon weave lamination provides a butter smooth ride, precise flex and lightweight lively feel that is sure to put a gigantic smile on the face of everyone who rides it - even the most skeptical of kiteboarders.

The full nose, directional outline, asymmetric rocker and deev v tail shape all wrap up this new and exciting addition for your shredding, slashing and wave bashing enjoyment.  It comes equipped with a 6 fin setup which can be configured in a 4 x 4cm fin setup for a more traditional twintip feel, a 2 x 4cm for the nose and a 2 x 5cm fin setup to achieve more drive, projection and hold through turns, or any combination that your creative mind desires.

Size - 142cm

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