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Terms and Conditions

CANCELLATION / REFUND POLICY In compliance with the Australian Consumer Law (ACL), West Oz Kiteboarding is not required to offer you a refund if you change your mind, decides they do not like the purchase or has no use for it. However any unused lesson hours can be transferred to another person, used in the next summer season (for up to 3 years from the date of purchase) or be used as a store credit for purchases in the WA Surf shop. If you wish to reschedule your lesson, please contact us as soon as possible. You may modify/reschedule your booking free of charge if you give us 48 hours or more of notice so we have enough time to find a replacement for you. You cannot make changes or cancel your lesson less than 48 hours before your lesson start. If you do not show up to your lesson (no show) or if you cancel it less than 48 hours before the start (last minute cancellation), you will forfeit your entire lesson and will not be able to re-book that lesson. We will not refund any lessons, that are not given 48 hours notice. WHAT HAPPENS IF THE LESSON(S) GET CANCELLED DUE TO UNSUITABLE WIND CONDITIONS? Kitesurfing is a weather dependent sport. We only teach if and when the wind conditions are safe and suitable for learning. As such, you must be prepared to have some of your lessons cancelled and rescheduled. As a responsible and safe operator with permits and insurance, we do NOT operate during the months of April, May, June, July or August due to the winds being primarily generated by storm fronts and the lack of safe sea breeze winds. MORE INFORMATION To read more about what to expect from your lesson please SEE HERE.

West Oz Kiteboarding is now focussed on what is our highest priority - Kiteboarding and Wing Foiling Lessons.  We want to provide the best lessons, with the best instructors and follow up with you to make sure that you are comfortable out on the water. 

We offer excellent discounts to our students, when you buy a kite package from Wa Surf, pop into the shop for more details after your lesson.

WA SURF who stock a huge range kite, wing and foiling gear from their shop at the Safety Bay Yacht Club - including Ozone, Duotone, Core, Reedin, Armstrong, PPC & Konrad.

All Gear Enquiries are now through the WA SURF shop on (08) 9592 1647 or 0427 927 873

Kiteboarding Lessons - 0451117360
Foiling Enquiries - 0438 591 755

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