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Teaching Since 1999 - you're in safe hands

Can't afford to buy your own kite gear upfront, or want to try a variety of kites and have access to all kite sizes for the different wind conditions?  We have a range of gear to suit "long term hire" now.

- Duotone / Core / Ozone Kites / Reedin

- Duotone / Ozone Kiteboards

You provide your harness and wetsuits etc. and you are ready to get on the water!  We offer 20% discount off our range if you need to purchase your own harness/wetsuit to get started.

Our season runs from 1 November until 31 March daily from 10am to 5pm.

You decide if you want the flexibility of every day or if you are just free on weekends or want weekdays when it is quieter (and cheaper)

Full Season Membership          $1450 (approx $69/wk)
Weekend Membership  $950 (approx $45/wk)
Weekday Membership $735 (approx $35/wk)

Come and fly the latest Duotone Dice, Rebel, Neo or Evo / the Ozone Enduro or Edge / the Core Nexus or XR6 / the Slingshot Rally GT or Raptor V1.  Pair that up with an Ozone Code, Torque or even the infinity lightwind / or a Duotone Select or Jaime and you have the latest gear for a fraction of the price.  From 5m to 17m kites and boards of a range of sizes you will be out on the water in any condition!


#pick up and drop off is on a daily basis, it cannot be taken away from Safety Bay.  Return after 5pm will incur a $50 fee per hour.

#you must be a fully self-sufficient kiteboarder and therefore a $50 assessment fee is applicable for our instructor to make sure you are ready to head out on your own.

#a swipe of your credit card is taken and any damage or loss to equipment is your responsibility.  You need to ensure you are back on location before 5pm for gear-check each day.

Internationally Accredited Professionals

See our range of packages (contact us to mix the correct combo for you)
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Lessons: 0438 591 755
Gear: 0411 510 514
We promise to provide the best instruction, service and advice to get you out on the water!
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