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Ozone Catalyst V1 Package 2018

2020 Ozone Complete Package

Sales price $ 3576.00
Ozone Catalyst V1 Package 2018
Ozone Catalyst V1 Package 2018
Ozone Catalyst V1 Package 2018
Ozone Catalyst V1 Package 2018
Ozone Catalyst V1 Package 2018

2020 Ozone Complete Kite Package

Kite Lesson Rebate Up to $500 is available on this package

Package comes with a 9.5m kite which is the most common size.  It will be $150 cheaper for an 8m for smaller rider or $100 more for an 11m for a larger rider.


The Catalyst V1 has been a great success but the Ozone design team is never at rest, searching to improve on this confidence inspiring model. The V2 takes it to the next level - it is based from the original design and has been reshaped and refined to enhance performance and accessibility for entry level to intermediate riders.

The first thing you will notice is the V2 is very stable and predictable to launch, land and fly. It has “sheet in and go” power delivery, helping you to get up and ride easily. The wide wind range and progressive de-power lets you ride in variable and gusty conditions comfortably. The updated airfoil section produces efficient power even when the kite is at the edge of the wind window, helping you to ride upwind, giving you more time to spend improving your skills!

A huge smile factor comes standard on the Catalyst V2 - it is a fun and easy kite to ride that will make your progression in the sport fast, safe and enjoyable. The predictable power and lift makes first jumps a breeze with easy loft, good hang time and smooth landings.

Making life easy the water re-launch is incredibly simple and intuitive due to its unique shape and increased leading edge tube diameter. By simply turning the bar or using the re-launch balls on the leader lines, the kite will easily roll over into the re-launch position ready to take off from the water.

Our time proven Front Line Flag Out release system is simple and effective, it is the same system featured on our entire water kite range. When the Click-in Loop is released the kite will flag out to one front line, immediately stopping all power delivery from the kite.

The Catalyst V2 is the choice for anyone getting into the sport or for riders looking for a fun, confidence inspiring kite with ease of use at it’s hear

Sizes - 8m, 9.5m, 11m
Colours - Blue, Orange, Yellow


The Base V1 is the choice for anyone getting into the sport or for free riders looking for a fun, confidence inspiring Board.

It is intuitive and comfortable to ride, the Base V1 will speed your progression from the first stages of learning through to getting airborne! An optimized mix of a progressive freeride outline and a single concave bottom shape transitioning to flat towards the tips provides control and stability in all conditions.The medium-low rocker will help you to get early on the plane and provides easy upwind riding.

The Base V1 is ultra smooth to ride thanks to the forgiving medium-soft flex pattern keeping you comfortable even in choppy water conditions. With the Base V1 you will have more time to spend concentrating on improving your skills, you will quickly master your first turns, carves and jumps.

Colours - Red or Blue

Sizes - 133 x 40 / 137 x 41 / 142 x 42 / 148 x 44


The Connect Water was a new take on Kiteboarding harness design being ultra lightweight and providing you with the maximum freedom of movement. Our latest V2 design maintains these attributes with increased comfort and added support.

Focusing on improved design and material selection we have created a lightweight functional harness that is perfect for day-to-day freeride sessions whether you're riding on a twin tip, surfboard or foil board. 

Colours - Black or Black/Blue

XXS      68-73cm / 26.7-28.7in
XS        72-77cm / 28.3-30.3in
S          75-80cm / 29.5-31.5in
M          79-85cm / 31.1-33.5in
L           84-90cm / 33.1-35.4in
XL         89-96cm / 35-37.8in
XXL       95-102cm / 37.4-40.1in
XXXL     100-107cm / 39.4-42.1in

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