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Kiteboarding & Stand Up Paddleboarding

Konrad Versa Foil Board

Sales price $ 1199.00

The VERSA features a surfboard-style construction with the option to use a foil or quad-fin setup to surf small waves prone or with a kite.

One, two or three footstrap mounting options allow the board to be
utilised for beginner to advanced foiling.



Full deckpad, futures fin boxes, foil leash tether plug and SS inserts for strap mounting.



4’11 x 21 1/8 x 2 1/4 29L


Double bamboo sandwich


Quad fin set Deck Pad



3 Mast Sizes Included (40|60|90)
Riding a foil is awesome. However, we know that you need to get used to it, which is why we have included 3 mast sizes in the kit. Use the short mast to get used to the foiling feel, and getting up on the wings for the first time.
Progress to the medium mast, and perfect your foiling technique.
Use the full size mast to get the most out of your foil, with the length enabling aggressive pointing upwind, and superior glide over chop.
Engineered Wings
The Versa wings have been very carefully designed using finite element fluid flow computer analysis. The end result is a wing which has very high lift for its size, low drag, and very low stall speeds. In short, its easy to ride, and has a speed range which will amaze you.
The wings themselves have been CNC machined from G10, this means their shape is precise and durable.
Tracking fin

The included G10 4cm tracking fin will help you if you need that extra grip up wind. You have the freedom to ride with or without this fin.

Multi mount

Through mount or slide mount options are included with the multi mount system. The mount is CNC machined from an aircraft grade aluminium billet for a great strength to weight ratio. The included backing plate protects your board.

Carry Bag

A soft carry bag to house your foil and all parts (dis-assembled) is included.

The bag has a shoulder strap and a high density insert to protect your Versa foil.


Versa Foil Board

Ride your Versa foil on anything fitting the included multi mount, or pair it with the Versa foil board to get things going easily. The Versa Foil board is a fun, multi use foil board with multiple strap and fin options. Like everything in the Versa range, the board has more than one use.

The Versa foil board is available for purchase separately.


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