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2018 Liquid Force Solo v3

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The Liquid Force Solo v3 continues to reign supremely in the single strut market. In the past 2 years this single strut wonder has taken the kiteboarding world by storm. 

The Solo is the first kite from Liquuid Force to have a progressive power band.  This power band is engaged and disengaged as the rider sheets in and out of the bar.  THis gas pedal feel enhances kite control in gusty and variable wind conditions.

Updates for the Solo V3 include a new canopy profile that delivers an accelerated turn initiation and increased direct feel.  The refined sizing reflects the added efficiency that a single strut platform kite offers with a manageable low end pull.  The proven minimal lightweight design benefits in the drift and efficiency through the wind window.  This combined with packability gives the Solo outstanding characteristics that span the all terrain freerider all the way to the every increasing hydrofoiling movement.

In short the Solo is the ultimate freeriding kite that is an easy travel compansion.

Solo Sizes - 3.5m / 5m / 7m / 9m / 12m and Lightwind 15.5m / 17.5m



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