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Intermediate Level 2

Become an independent kiteboarder!!!

$240 Private 2 Hour Kiteboarder Level 2 (tailored to suit you individually)


Make use of all that flying knowledge you gained in Level 1, but make sure you wear a flotation vest, and keep your helmet on because in this level you are ready to get in the water. Once you complete this portion of the program you will start riding the board. Kiteboarder Level 2 in the water.

Level 2F
*Enter and exit the water independently and safely while controlling the kite *Water re-launch the kite *First body drag downwind *Maintain correct kite position in the wind window *Change direction to the left and right while body dragging *Recover the kite and bar in the water

Level 2G
*Upwind body drag to recover board *Upwind body drag holding the board with one hand *Enter and exit at the same point while upwind body dragging

Level 2H

*Know the power stroke for a water start *Know the safety rules and theory for water start *Can put the board on the feet and maintain the correct position for water start

Level 2I

*Water starts in both directions and ride a short distance *Come to a controlled stop *Understand weather forecast, tidal- and wind effects *Determine the wind strength, direction and quality *Know the right of way rules *Know equipment set up and choice according to the weather conditions

For More information contact Fiona 0n 0451117360 or email info@wasurf.com.au

For gear enquiries: Call Mark 0411 510 514 or email us to discuss gear options.

West Oz Kiteboarding is the only best Kiteboarding School in Perth with all of our Instructors holding qualifications and all have relevant experience before we accept them to teach at our school. We have been running lessons at Safety Bay / Shoalwater for 12 years now and believe you will get more from your lessons with us!

We use Headzone Communication Helmets to speed up your learning process so your Instructor is in constant contact with you PLUS you are learning at the best location to kiteboard (others will claim to be the best but with our cross shore breeze, sheltered waters between the islands and mainland and safe waters surrounded by sandbars and no swimmers/boats/obstacles this really is the BEST LOCATION IN THE WORLD).


Our location of Shoalwater Bay, only 35 minutes south of Perth is the best location in WA for lessons, with its cross shore breeze and sheltered waters from the surrounding islands you will not be blown out to sea or onto shore and there are no boats/swimmers/obstacles so you can just focus on your kite and board.


Terms & Conditions

DEPOSIT / CANCELLATION POLICY - 20% deposit is required upon booking a time (or you can pay the full amount upfront). Refunds are not permitted however postponement is OK provided at least 48 hours notice.


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Lessons: 0438 591 755
Gear: 0411 510 514
We promise to provide the best instruction, service and advice to get you out on the water!
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