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Kiteboarding & Stand Up Paddleboarding

Kiteboarding Australia is excited to announce a the dates and location of an instructor and conversion course later this year! We are heading to Safety Bay, Perth and will deliver a full instructor course between the 13th and 17th of November, and a conversion course on the 18th.

This is an awesome opportunity to learn new skills that could be the start of a new career... on the beach!

What is it? A 5 day course to teach you how to get someone from being a sun baker to an independent kiteboarder. Learn about the kiteboarding progression, tricks to make it safe and fun, rescue boat skills and weather forecasting, self rescue and site assessment.

Why do it? This course opens the door to becoming a kite instructor! It also makes you much more competent and confident when your mates want some pointers! Kiteboarding Australia Instructor Qualifications are equivalent to many international qualifications and the higher

accreditation standard is making KA schools the preference of councils around Australia. Internationally, the KA course is recognised by BKSA schools and will set you up to prove competency to schools across the globe.

Why Safety Bay? November is bound to see quality wind through a number of days on the course in Perth. Plus, you will get to enjoy world class locations of Safety Bay!

How much?

$1100 + cost of manual if you want a printed copy ($40) + accommodation (cheap options offered by course host) and transport.

$200 for conversion course


Kiteboarding Australia

T: +61 499 071 116


Tuesday, 12 September 2017 10:57

New Mersey Point Jetty - Shoalwater Beach Disruption

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Wednesday, 26 July 2017 15:02

Surf Wind & Sun - Go Pro Mounts

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We would like to introduce a new Australian Owned and Made local company - Surf, Wind & Sun.

Existing products include the kite line mount and stand up paddleboarding paddle mount.  More products will be coming soon xxx



Friday, 29 April 2016 13:30

Jimmy Lewis SUP Clearance Sale

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At this stage no more Jimmy Lewis SUPs are on order to come into Australia so this may be your last change to grab one of these.  Standard Construction $1795 or Carbon Construction $2250.

Pick up only or add $200 for shipping anywhere in Australia.

8'1 Carbon

8'7 Carbon Blue - 2 available
9'2 Standard - white, blue or red (no masao graphic) - 1 of each
9'2 Carbon Blue - 1 left
9'7 Carbon Blue - 1 left

9'1 yellow (1 left)
9'7 white (1 left)

9'9 (1 left)

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