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Ozone Edge V9

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The Ozone Edge V9 will stay the same for 2018/19, however the colours have been refreshed - Red, Yellow and Emerald will now be available.  We still have limited stock of the current colours in certain sizes also.

The Edge V9 delivers high performance that is incredibly addictive.  For action packed free ride, boosting to the moon, air style, speed, hyrdofoil or twin tip racing, the Edge V9 does it all.

- high adrenaline free ride machine
- massive air and hang time
- warp speed riding
- highest performance lei race kite


- exceptional Ozone factory construction
- designed with Oz-cad
- teijin technoforce d2 and teijin dacron
- internal reinforcements
- double stitched folded seams
- load distribution panels
- direct connect struts
- reinforced leading edge, struts and trailing edge
- low profile aerodynamic scuff pads
- unique bladder construction
- anti snag line deflectors
- tuned bridle geometry
- 4 line pulleyless system
- one pump inflation system
- high volume inflate/deflate valve
- back line trimming options
- anti flap soft battens
- comparable feeling throughout the size range
- fool proof line connectors
- low drag kevlar bridles

Sizes Available Now - 5m - 6m - 7m - 8m - 9m - 10m - 11m - 13m - 15m - 17m - 19m


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